Pro Carbon Wing



A revolution in club racing wing design.

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Product Description

The Pro wing is a revolution in club racing wing design.  PhD wind tunnel designed and independently CFD verified this wing was designed as an ultra high efficiency profile to provide minimal drag for racers under 300HP.  This design allows for advantages in the corners from the extra downforce the wing produces while minimizing any straight line speed lost from drag.


  • All carbon fiber work is 100% carbon fiber, not the carbon fiber wrapped fiberglass commonly advertised as carbon fiber.
  • Wing skins are made with high-temp resin infusion for exceptional strength and flawless finish.
  • Wing is built upon an aluminum/composite internal structure for increased wing strength.  No foam cores or hollow shells here!
  • Carbon wing mounts are internally built into the wing decreasing possible drag in comparison with traditional riveted on mounts while greatly increasing strength.
  • Front seam has been moved away from the leading edge increasing effective wing span and efficiency while eliminating leading edge wing skin separation sometimes seen in standard “clamshell” wing construction.
  • Gurney flap included and attached standard.
  • 11.1″ chord and 66″ span standard.  We will build to any span requested up to 67″ for no additional cost.
  • Can be built with custom mount spacing for no additional cost.
  • No weight adding clear coat used or needed.
  • If we don’t have uprights for your car we’ll work with you to create uprights for your vehicle at material cost only.
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