Elite Carbon Wing



Designed for 3oowhp+ club racers.

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Product Description

As high performance as the Pro wing is, its just not enough for the growing contingent of 300whp+ racers out there today. The Elite design is an efficient, high-lift, PhD wind tunnel designed and independently CFD verified profile designed to give added downforce performance for high horsepower racers. It has a massive 13.1″ chord and can be had in spans up to 69.5 inches! This wing is also a big advantage on slower tracks, on cars of any power level..


  • All carbon fiber work is 100% carbon fiber, not the carbon fiber wrapped fiberglass commonly advertised as carbon fiber.
  • Wing skins are made with high-temp resin infusion for exceptional strength and flawless finish.
  • Wing is built upon an aluminum/composite internal structure for increased wing strength.  No foam cores or hollow shells here!
  • Carbon wing mounts are built internally into the wing decreasing possible drag in comparison with traditional riveted on mounts while greatly increasing strength.
  • Front seam has been moved away from the leading edge increasing effective wing span efficiency while eliminating front wing skin separation sometimes seen in standard “clamshell” wing construction.
  • Gurney flap included and attached standard.
  • 13.1″ chord and 67″ span standard.  We will build to any span requested up to 69.5″ for no additional cost.
  • Can be built with custom mount spacing for no additional cost.
  • If we don’t have uprights for your car we will work with you to create uprights for your vehicle at material cost only.

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Additional Information

Car Make and Model

BMW e28, BMW e30, BMW e34, BMW e36, BMW e46, BMW e82, BMW e90/92, BMW F22, BMW F30/31, Chevy Corvette C6, Ford Mustang 1994-2004, Nissan 350z, Mazda RX-8, Mitsubishi Evo 9, Other/Custom, Porsche 944/951


Standard Trunk Mount, Carbon Fiber Trunk Mount, Laid Back Carbon Fiber Trunk Mount, Swan Neck Trunk Mount, Chassis Mount, Chassis Mount Carbon Fiber, No Uprights

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